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Voyages dans la mer perdue

Voyages dans la mer perdue, CAC – la synagogue de Delme, 2017


Ph: O.H.Dancy.

Ph: CAC – la synagogue de Delme

Voyage dans la mer perdue recreates a prehistoric sunset on the ocean in Delme (Lorraine, France).
The area of Delme was one of the main mining sites of precious rock salt; the richness of the region has depended for centuries on this old resource, caused by the presence in ancient times of a warm, tropical-like ocean, rich in biodiversity.
The project is an attempt to imagine the return of this old and warm ocean in the village of Delme, together with all the creatures that populated the sea, the sky and the islands.
Voyages dans la mer perdue is made up of four different works created during a series of workshops involving the inhabitants of Delme and the surrounding villages.
Together, these works recreate the landscape of a fantastical prehistoric Delme, but it is also an unusual portrait of the community and its imagination.

1–Le Soleil

A big Sun in the moment of its sunset, 6 meters in diameter, is suspended in the main space of the art centre, facing east.
The work is composed of more than 400 drawings created by the children of the schools of Delme. Every student invented and created an original piece of the Sun.

2–La Mer

During a series of workshops in collaboration with composer and musician
Francesco Medda, thirteen classes from the preschool, primary school and secondary school of Delme reconstructed the sound of the Tethys Ocean.
The waves, the wind, the storms, the animals’ calls, and the sounds of the depths and the surface were recreated using only the voices of the participants, which were recorded and amplified in the space.

3–Les etoiles

2017. With Alain Colardelle, little holes of different diameters were made by drilling through the panels that obscure the exhibition space. The holes represent sections of a realsky map with constellations intentionally deformed in order to reconstruct a Jurassic Sky. The holes allow the space to maintain contact with the world outside the exhibition space.