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Volo su Mondovì

2014. Workshop based installation. 



Ph: Lorenzo Avico

Mostra "Polvere di Stelle" Museo Ceramica Mondovì 27-Settembre -28 Dicembre 2014. La ceramica contemporanea di Céleste Boursier-Mougenot e Matteo Rubbi a cura di Chiara Bertola, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio e Christiana Fissore

Reconstruction of the landscape surrounding the city of Mondovì, in Piemonte, Italy. Hills, mountains, waterfalls, clouds, quarries and towns have been reinvented using cups, tureens, teapots, salad bowls, dishes, etc., from the local ceramic tradition, decorated, fired and assembled during a series of workshops open to participation of the inhabitants of the area.

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