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This is how the age ends

​2016-22. Installation. Variable dimensions. 319 pieces of pietra di beola and granite taken from Piazza Burri in Milan discarded during the creation of the permanent installation “Cieli di Belloveso”, iron bars, clamps.


Ph: Leonardo Chiappini

These stone star fragments are the remnants of a public art project called “Cieli di Belloveso”, wherein an entire square in Milan was inlaid with colored stone to form a map of the night sky in the year in which the city was founded. In order to make the inlay, corresponding pieces of the existing stone of the piazza were cut and removed to make room for the colored stone. These pieces, once removed, were collected and catalogued by the artist as a kind of negative of that permanent installation, a hidden and broken side of that sky related with lost memory and trauma.
These fragmented stars are presented here for the first time as an attempt to reconstruct a possible sky, an attempt that shares the same spirit of the other pieces present in the show. This work speaks to the necessity of accessing that part of the sky which is inaccessible, and of rebuilding memory to restore that connection and speak anew in a language once thought to be dead.

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