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Being but men, we walked into the trees

Workshop based installation. 


Ph: Jacopo Menzani

Catalog of stars and constellations made of cloth, using the color, the texture and the size of each star in relation to the Sun.
For example, if the Sun were a piece of cloth a mere centimeter large, the star Betelgeuse would be a big 10-meter sheet, brilliant and red; an unknown star in the constellation Canis Major would reach 18 meters: and Sirius would be no more than a small two centimeter blue star.
The project involved artists, fashion designers and tailors in rethinking the cosmos, altering its traditional representation.

With the collaboration of:
Dafne Boggeri, Derek Francesco Maria Di Fabio, Gemma Noris, Elena Nerina Reverberi, Carlo Spiga, Isa Griese, Pascal Howe, Giuseppina Rubbi.

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