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Urban installation, workshop, public event.

A basketball, a pin, marbles, balls of different sizes, a grain of sand, a ping pong ball, a golf ball, a pebble.

Urban model of the solar system built with common objects, respecting the original relationship of each component to the others as far as size and distance are concerned. The Sun is a basketball, Mercury the tip of a pin 13 meters away, Venus the seed of an apple 25 meters from the basketball, and so on up to Pluto, a tiny grain of sand at 1,300 meters. Proxima Centauri is a ping pong ball placed 8 km Irom the Sun. The work represents as much as possible the actual position of the planets at the time the model takes shape in the city.

Board games is series of games never published or that have disappeared completely from the market. Of these games, and of their authors, no trace remains except the project and the rules contained in the original patent. Each game is called by the name of its inventor, because the games did not have  specific titles. As prototypes, the rules are sometimes incomplete, unclear or even absent. Players have to interpret the game and build new rules, reinventing the goals and trying to get the intentions of the inventor.

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