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2011. Workshop,

chalk mural.


Ph: Jacopo Menzani

Ph: Matteo Rubbi

This project converted two large walls of a room into a huge floor-to-ceiling writeable blackboard.
Through a workshop involving two primary schools, a physicist and some artists, the participants attempt to portray the c
omplexity of the world as it is described by quantum mechanics.

Workshop  led by Matteo Rubbi and Carlo Spiga

with: Classes IIe, IIIe, IVe and Ve, Scuola primaria Locatelli and Scuola primaria Scuri, Bergamo.

and the participation of: Derek Maria Francesco Di Fabio, Gemma Noris, Marco Colombaioni, Giuseppe Bozzi, Diego Perrone, Michele Gabriele, Giovanni Giaretta, Anna Fantelli.

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