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2010 – ongoing
Workshops, installations, public events

1:1 scale reconstruction of the 18th century British naval vessel, HMS Bounty, starting from its model kit.

The project travels, evolving as it connects to new people and places each time the work takes shape. Through workshops involving schools and inhabitants of the area, parts of the ship are recreated by using waste materials. These workshops transform the project space into a sort of naval arsenal for a few weeks.

The project ends with a party where new parts of the vessel are revealed to the public. The sails are hoisted, the prow “launched” with an opening concert, the flag left to unfurl in the wind, the helmsman turns the wheel…


Mainsail, flying jib
Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan

Some pupils from the Istituto di via Moisé Loria in Milan recreate the mainsail and the flying jib of the vessel H.M.S Bounty on a scale 1:1, using a dismantled scale model exhibited on a coffee table as starting point. Heaps of old newspapers gathered by the children are colored in and assembled to become the sails of the Bounty.

Main topgallant staysail, main top staysail
CNAC, Le Magasin, Grenoble

Two hundred children from Grenoble reconstruct the main topgallant sail and the main top staysail. The new sails are hoisted into the space. Along with the previous sails, they transform the former factory, now an art center, into a festive galleon.

GAMeC, Bergamo

The students of the Azienda Bergamasca di Formazione (Bergamo Training Institute), along with the public of GAMeC, the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo, reconstruct the prow out of reclaimed wood and ropes. The ship starts its journey in the space, between the elementary particles of chalk and massive, textile stars. At the launch party people sing and dance to the sound of the Gruppo Folkloristico La Garibaldina.

Piccola scuola di Circo, Milan

ph. Vincenzo Cammarata

The long pennant of the Bounty flaps at the entrance of a circus
where acrobats and artists retrace the story of humanity with long jumps and prodigious somersaults.
Anything could happen. A journey around the world in one night, in the sky of the red and white marquee.

Steering wheel and steering gear, cannons, ship’s flag  
Summer school 2012, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli

Alessio, Federico, Giulia and Margherita use their wits to construct the mechanism of the steering wheel while their younger companions get the Bounty’s canons to shoot. The largest flag of the ship is redrawn and repainted. The blue sail that celebrates the battle of Lepanto remains incomplete.

We wanted to turn the castle of Rivoli into the Bounty; leaning the 10 meter long rudder against the wall, attaching the blue sails to the drainpipes, shooting the canons from the cornices, raising the flag on the roof…