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Appare il futuro terribilmente vicino

 May 6, 2010.

Happening, Copies of La Stampa from May 6, 1961 printed and distributed in the main café  of Turin.

Ph: Giovanni Giaretta

Appare il futuro terribilmente vicino (The Future Looks Awfully Close) is the reprint in full of the newspaper La Stampa, released May 6, 1961, the date of the first centenary of the unification of Italy and the day of the official inauguration of the international expo of labor (esposizione internazionale del lavoro) in Turin.
The newspaper was distributed in the early morning hours of the anniversary in the bars in the center of Turin, joining the newspaper of the day as a sort of ghost sister.
The international exhibition “Italy ‘61 was the culmination of a period of great expansion, the staging of new wealth acquired and of a bright future. The pages of the newspaper that day preserve this sense of anticipation. The event was quickly forgotten after a few months and the adventurous architecture was gradually abandoned, destroyed, or reconditioned.

La notizia sensazionale

April 13, 2011

Happening. Copies of L’Eco di Bergamo from  April 13, 1961 printed and distributed in the main café in the city of Bergamo.

Ph: Jacopo Menzani

Full copy reprint of the L'Eco di Bergamo issued on April 13 ,1961.

It’s the newspaper that gave Bergamo the news of the sensational first space world tour made by Yuri Gagarin. The international news is together with local news and articles, announcements, advertisements and weather forecasts. The newspaper was distributed in bars in the city exactly 50 years after its first release, alongside the daily newspaper.

Board games is series of games never published or that have disappeared completely from the market. Of these games, and of their authors, no trace remains except the project and the rules contained in the original patent. Each game is called by the name of its inventor, because the games did not have  specific titles. As prototypes, the rules are sometimes incomplete, unclear or even absent. Players have to interpret the game and build new rules, reinventing the goals and trying to get the intentions of the inventor.

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