Le isole fantastiche

2017. Workshop and publication. AMACI, Associazione dei Musei d’Arte Contemporanea Italiani, diverse venues, Italy

Le isole fantastiche is a workshop based artwork created in occasion of the 4th edition of the Educational Day, organised by AMACI, the National Association of Contemporary Art Museum of Italy.

The project involved more than 1000 student of primary schools from all over Italy, invited to invent and designed their imaginary Island. During a workshop that took place at school every kid drew a map of his island, trying than to describe in details the characteristic of this new place, its inhabitants, their habits, the architecture, the environment, the economy.

Every museum collected this hundreds of Island projects and during an open event the audience of the museum was invited to build these islands starting from the indications of the student using colored clay. All the island created formed a temporary imaginary new map of the world formed by the imagination of the participants and based on the vision of kids from all over the country.

Out of this project a book titled Le Isole Fantastiche was produced, containing my personal journey in all these Islands; details from all the drawings realised are recomposed in the form of an unconventional atlas to show the complexity of this new world.

Matteo Rubbi, Le isole fantastiche, 2017, Silvana Editoriale